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simcetic2013SIMCE TIC (Information and Communication Technologies) is a nationwide assessment administered for the first time in our country to a representative sample of 10,321 second-year high school students in November 2011.

The assessment aims to determine the development levels of ICT Skills for Learning reached by students in the Chilean school system, and to find the individual and contextual factors related to student achievement in the SIMCE TIC test.

The instrument used for this assessment is software that simulates a virtual desktop where students access commonly-used applications, such as a text processor, spreadsheet, web browser, web tools, and e-mail. Students must carry out various tasks in this virtual environment, which are linked to a cross-sectional theme on ecology. This is what provides continuity to the 32 items that make up this test.

The second version of SIMCE TIC will be held on 2013.

Guidelines document for schools who take the SIMCE TIC

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